LED Dynamic Moving Message Displays

The LED Dynamic Message Display shows information loaded by PC software. It displays digits, letters or any other signs existing in the ASCII table.The display is rotating local time, temperature and text messages.

Available with network control option where numerous displays can be controlled remotely from a single computer.


Power supply220 V / 50 Hz
Data uploadRS 485 or network control
Operation conditionsIndoor / Outdoor
IndicationLED / LED matrix
LED colorRed / Blue / Green / White / Orange / etc.
Information rows displayed1 / 2
Symbol heightStarts from 64 mm, depending on the size of the display

Number of pixels in a single module:


Information field dimensions:

Pitch mm96160320
864х768 mm
16128х768 mm128х1280 mm128х2560 mm

Overall display dimensions:

Pitch mm96160320
8120х820 mm
16210х850 mm210х1400 mm220х2800 mm

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