IDM 2011 Ltd. is a manufacturer of unique advanced – technology products based on LED, LCD, TFT and different visual – communication technologies.

The company offers full range of lightning and intelligent communication solutions.

The mission of IDM 2011 Ltd. is to provide our clients with complete innovative hi–tech solutions improving the image of the partner and leaving a feeling of excellence of the interactive communication with the auditorium.

Being a company fully focused on client’s desires IDM 2011 Ltd. applies an individual approach to every partner and pays attention to the smallest details and the analysis of the respective needs.

Our products can be applied on numerous sites such as: financial and public institutions, airports, business centres, hotels, entertainment and recreation facilities, stadiums, sports halls and many others.

Our team consists of highly educated and experienced professionals who have played important role in the development of the hi–tech market in Bulgaria and throughout the world. From the sales division to the production units the people are the most valued asset of IDM 2011 Ltd.

We will continuously make our contribution to the environmental protection and energy saving.

IDM 2011 Ltd. believes in the immediate response to our client’s needs. We sincerely hope to work together with our partners and to form strategic partnership and long term cooperation in order to provide value added services.

Advanced technology

Advanced Technology

We provide full range of lighting, intelligent communication devices and state of art information solutions.

Individual approach

Individual Approach

We pay attention to the analysis of the respective needs of our clients to the smallest details required by them.

Wide range of application

Wide range of application

Our products star with functionality and can be applied on numerous sites cutting down your budget.

Professional team

Professional team

Our team of highly experienced professionals have played important role in the development of the hi–tech market throughout the world.