LFD Key features Compare to TV

What is different?

  • Professional DID panel
    → Optimized for long hours operation
  • Long life parts (over 40Khrs)
  • No Image Sticking
  • Dust proof structure
  • Fire prevention structure
  • Built in PC
  • Remote access control via RS-232C
  • Landscape / Portrait available
  • Variable inputs (PC & AV)
  • Simple / Secure Design → Video Wall
  • Various Accessories
  • Samsung owned S/W solution
  • → MagicInfo, Samsung UD
  • Tiled display specialized Product
  • Touch Screen Product
  • Outdoor Product
  • 3D Display
  • Tech support experts
  • → Installation guideline
  • → Field supports from HQ
  • Exclusive B2B Service Structure
  • → Extended warranty policy
  • → Short lead-time

Special Features

460UT Series

Super Narrow bezel Display

Specialized Display for Video wall enabled seamless large screen to attract viewers’ attentions

① Narrower bezel

→ much information with seamless

④ External Brightness Sensor

→ Less power consumption with auto BR control

② Embedded PC

→ Less cabling & easier installation

⑤ Digital loop out

→ No need for Distributor device
→ max. 100 units available

③ Higher picture Quality

→ Higher readability & clearer info. delivery

⑥ Embedded wall control

→ No need for external display wall controller

ID Solutions

ID Solutions

Our ID Solutions enable us to install video wall without wall behind, even center of room possible.

① Easy installation

→ Lower cost & possible to move

② Free standing solution

→ Wherever & any type allowed

All-In-One Touch Screen

All-In-One Touch Screen

Smart Interactive display ready to be touch and communicated.

Welcome Board Stand

Welcome Board Stand

Stand Accessory, black glossy colored, designed to be used for kiosk.

① Built in touch module

→ Cost saving without additional device

③ Landscape and Portrait rotatable

→ Various contents available

② Powerful PC module

→ Save installation space

④ Various LFD adaptable

→ 40” ~ 55”

World 1st LED LFD

World 1st LED LFD

LED BLU display satisfy both commercial requirement and slim & light design.

Professional Display

Professional Display

High quality graded display equipped with reliability and readability.

① Eco-friendly commercial display

→ Save 30 ~ 40% of electricity charge

③ Non glossy commercial grade panel

→ Lower reflection on screen, higher reliability

② Slim & Light

→ Take less installation labor cost & save space

④ Powerful remote management function

→ Ethernet and RS232C

Secure Features

Locking all functions from unexpected order

Buttons & Remocon Lock

Function board

Protect all setting from outsiders

Auto power on
after electric back

Recovery screens as normal

Easy : Control Screens

MDC (Multiple Display Control) Application

External IR & BR

Loop out

Remote control
via RJ45 or RS232

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